Does your plan address these questions? A self examination for preppers:

How can I make clean water to drink?

Are containers with a lid available to carry water?
How far must water be carried to flush a toilet?
Is a composting toilet a better alternative?

Do I have water storage?  Rain water collection and storage?

What types of energy will be available? Wood? Alcohol? Propane? Sterno? Butane? For cooking maybe only wood. Camp stove fuels.

Can I heat a small room?

Is dry firewood available? Twigs will fire a small camp stove.
Is a small ax available to make small pieces of wood suitable for a small wood fired camp stove?

Is solar power available? Is a small solar system available to charge various size batteries? Can a solar powered power station meet my needs?

How can food be preserved without electricity?

How can I store food? For how long?

Is a manual can opener available?

How can the shelf life of food be preserved after opening a large sealed container?

How can cooking be done without electricity?

Do I have a wood fired camp stove?

Can I start a fire without matches?

Who is growing my food? What can be used to barter for food during an emergency? My labor or other items of value?

Can I preserve food from the garden? Yes, dehydrate and store in a sealed vacuum container.
Can I dehydrate frozen food? Easy, put small pieces directly into the dehydrator.

How do I save seed? Do I have enough seed to plant the next season’s harvest?

How can I communicate with my friends without commercial electricity to power phone or radio?

Do I know first aid?

How can I take a shower?
How can clothes be washed?
Are personal hygiene supplies adequate? Soap is inexpensive and does not expire. Great barter item.

Be prepared. Search Amazon and Youtube for:
wood fired portable camp stove
sawyer water filter
Berkey water filter