A very small, simple and relatively inexpensive solar system, not to be confused with a whole house system, can be put together using only a portable power station and portable solar panels. A lithium battery, charge controller and monitoring display are all self contained in the power station.

Batteries can be replaced in Goal Zero Power Stations.
Batteries cannot be replaced in Jackery or TogoPower Power Stations.
Ask before you buy.

Jackery 300 Review

The Jackery 500 Explorer power station was my choice. Smaller and larger more powerful options are available. For a few of us using a CPAP machine, it is important to know that the Jackery 500 has the capacity to power the CPAP for two nights without a recharge.

500wh Portable Power Station By JACKERY Larger models are available.

Using the Jackery 500 as an Emergency Power Source

Jackery 500: Plug-n-Play Lithium Battery System

Jackery 500 v2.0 vs CPAP.

Charging the Jackery 500 is done by any of these methods: optional solar panel (9.5 hr), commercial power (7.5hr), a small generator or from a car’s 12 volt accessory port (9.5hr). The Jackery 500 power station can provide (1) 12 volt DC power, (2) USB ports for a phone and other accessories, and (3) standard 120V 60 cycle household power.

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