There are many species of ETs in our vast universe. Some are here to help and some are here to manipulate and control. Just like humans. The helpers are not the Cavalry riding in to save us from the parasitic, manipulative control freaks. It is our job to save ourselves. The helpers are primarily our cheerleaders on our road to freedom, expansion and evolution. Some of the helpers will look quite scary when they show up. Remember what love feels like and take that path.

Mythology is filled with ETs who showed up many thousands of years ago and masqueraded as gods. Earth is a prized, prime hunk of real estate located on a strategic intergalactic trade route. The battle for ownership is ongoing.

Always check your own inner guidance, intuition and how your body feels. The helpers will never scare you or rush you to make a decision. Fear is our biggest enemy. Meditation and the journey within to reduce stress and enhance intuition may be our most valuable tools.

Search the internet for these names if you are willing to step out of your comfort zone to explore ET information.

Bill Ryan, Founder of Project Avalon. Link

Clifford Stone Link

Jim Marrs

Joseph Farrell

Linda Howe, Link

Robert Dean, Command Master Sgt, U.S. Army Link

On the light side, some ET humor

Saturday Night Live – Close Encounters

Might be a lot of truth in this one ET-101

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