Monday night meditation group, our planetary cleansing guided meditation

Let us now pull our white lights from God down through our crown chakras. Then bring this light down and push it out through our heart chakras investing it with all the pink light of Love that we have to give. We now combine this pink white energy from this group and this place to send out a powerful ray of pink white light to cover our planet. And everywhere it touches, all negativity is dissolved and replaced with the positive cleansing energy of Love.

We now send this pink white light to the heart chakras of all beings on earth. And within those heart chakras, all negativity is dissolved and there is left a small ball of pink white light so that each one, if they so choose, may use this energy to expand their awareness and learn to live in unconditional Love.

We now send this pink white light below the surface of the earth, all the way to the very center of our planet. We now see this core start to glow with pink light and as it glows brighter and brighter it starts to expand, moving outward in all directions toward the surface of the earth. As this energy moves up through the layers of rock and dirt and liquid, we know that all negativity is being dissolved and replaced with the positive energy of Love.

This pink white light now reaches our earth’s surface and as it expands we now see all the waters, and the plants, and the animals, all the land, glowing with this pink white light, cleansed of all negativity, and filled with Love. This light now moves up through the atmosphere of our planet, dissolving all the negative energy in our air and it also is now glowing with pink light. This pink white light now reaches the edges of space the moves beyond. As we look back at our Mother Earth, we see that she has transformed into a beautiful star, glowing with the pink white energy of God’s Love and that this star now radiates this energy, sending it to all parts of the Universe, illuminating those areas of darkness.