Recommendation by a local M.D.

“For colds, flu, and respiratory illnesses:

Purchase a cool mist, ultrasonic humidifier and several pint bottles of 3% hydrogen peroxide at local pharmacy. (COOL MIST IS CRITICAL AND IS HARD TO FIND….TARGET USUALLY HAS THEM. DO NOT USE A WARM MIST HUMIDIFIER)

Into the reservoir of the humidifier, pour the entire contents of one pint bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide.

Next, pour two pints of water into the reservoir of the humidifier which results in a 1% solution of hydrogen peroxide.

Set up the ultrasound humidifier by your bedside or wherever you are resting and breathe in deeply the cool vapors for several hours.

This will help your immune system fight the viral, bacterial, and/or fungal infection in your sinuses, throat and lungs. Your white blood immune cells actually use little, intracellular packets filled with hydrogen peroxide, called peroxisomes, to effectively fight off infectious pathogens.”

Many other choices are available. I purchased this one.