Thank you to these Marines

They helped me to become the high Expert on Qualification day Platoon 162, Parris Island. They had set up an illegal pot of money for the high shooter that I won shooting the M1 Garand.

Camp Geiger for Infantry Training Regiment (ITR)

Learned squad tactics. I was the BAR man. Familiarization with the 3.5 Rocket Launcher, Flame Thrower, Grenades and Shape Charges.


NAS Memphis for electronics schools. Left early after passing exams with orders to the Naval Academy Prep School, Bainbridge MD. Great to have the opportunity to hitch hike home every weekend.



Cherry Point, H&MS-24. Repaired ARC-27 Radio and ARN-21 TACAN. Then received orders for VMF-531. I was there for the first F4 Phantom II based at Cherry Point.

NAS Oceana for training on the F4.


Deployed to NAS Key West during the Cuban missile crisis. We had two F4 on the hot pad and two more behind in reserve.

[Off Topic] VMFA-531 1963 and some history


Cherry Point. Got orders for H&MS-24.

Released from active duty July 7.


2019 General Mattis Quotes

Warrior Monk Mattis


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