Matrix Energetics, My Journey

Note: Sending healing energy is not always successful for me. The experiences here describe when I was most amazed at the outcome.

I have had an interest in energy healing methods since receiving all 3 levels of Reiki in years prior.

As I watched the Youtube videos of Matrix Energetics I noticed tears rolling down my cheeks. I wondered what in the world was going on. This is totally out of character for this old Marine. I waited a day or two then experimented with a repeat view of the videos. My reaction was the same. I wondered, maybe the universe was sending me a message. Then another totally out of character event. I decided to spend money for a flight, hotel and workshop to attend a traveling Matrix Energetics workshop in Newark, N.J., May 2007.

My first and only meeting with Dr. Richard Bartlett, D.C., N.D. , originator of Matrix Energetics, was in May of 2007 when he taught a Level 1 & 2 class in Newark NJ. Richard is on the West Coast and travels the U.S. and overseas to do Matrix Energetics and other seminars. My introduction to Matrix Energetics was watching videos on Youtube.

Friday nights before the seminar are (were?) a free introduction. I estimate more than 100 people showed up. Richard picked me out of the audience for his first demonstration. Level 1 was taught Saturday and Sunday. Level 2 was Monday.

After the seminar, my first experience with Matrix Energetics was at a swing dance. Loud and fast dance music was playing and my dance partner said her neck was hurting. I explained to her that I had just learned a healing technique and asked if I could experiment with her. After less than a minute of using the Matrix Energetics 2 point technique I stopped. She immediately rolled her head and shoulders. She almost screamed “The pain is gone. What did you do?” Well no one within earshot was more surprised than I was.

Considering only my personal experience, the most dramatic results have been described here. Usually the client does not feel anything. Sometimes the client may feel some warmth or a tingle. On one occasion a client reported to me that a problem that medical doctors had been trying to fix for years had suddenly disappeared weeks after a Matrix Energetics session with three practitioners at the same time.

Dr. Bartlett has advised his students to not see themselves as healers.

I like both of these memes. I do not see them as being mutually exclusive.

Coincidence or Successful Energy Work?

A Skype conversation 21Sep18.

JM: OMG!!! You guys won’t believe this. My laptop screen would not turn on. I could power it on and off and hear the happy sounds that it would come up but no screen. I tried everything and just wanted to cry.

JM: So I called Ron Mauer who is a techy.

JM: Ron is also part of our healers group. Ron said “Let me use the Matrix Energetics healing [remotely sent, 2-point technique] and see if it will work. OMG! IT WORKED! spontaneously the screen is back on and I have my laptop!

JM: (rofl) Ron healed my computer! (laugh)

*Note: Sometimes Matrix Energy works for me and sometimes I see no evidence of it working. Sometimes results will show up days later. Sometimes the results are truly amazing.

A group experience sending healing energy

Using our varied personal techniques for sending healing energy, we often visualize the recipient surrounded with magic pink fairy dust.

Feedback: This is part of a message received the following morning from a lady in the UK:
“I write with tears in my eyes. I feel better today and having read the transcript of the healing session I was a amazed. I was listening to meditative music when in bed, I felt the warm glow of pink around me for over an hour. I was stunned when I read that you had sent energy to my left hip! That hip and my lower back had been terribly painful yesterday, but today it is easier. I also slept better than I have in months. I finally fell asleep about 2am (our time). Please thank everyone for me, they have powerful energy and thank you so much for everything you are doing to help me.”