If cooking indoors, consider using Sterno or alcohol as fuel, not wood or charcoal.

Tiny Multi-Fuel Stoves

The Coghlans 9560 Emergency Stove , $9.86.  Can be fired with fuel tablets, an alcohol burner, Sterno and possibly twigs.



Coghlans Folding Stove,  $10, is intended to be used with canned fuel.  With precautions, with some canned fuel (read the label), it can be used indoors.



The QuickStove , $20, can be fired with fuel tablets, an alcohol burner, Sterno and twigs.



Firebox 5 inch

The Firebox Folding Stove 5″, $60 can be fired with fuel tablets, an alcohol burner, Sterno, charcoal and twigs.





Firebox Nano

Alcohol Burner

These alcohol burners can be used in the Multi-Fuel Stoves (above) and in other stoves.  Many types of alcohol can be used as fuel.  The product “Heet” in the yellow container is an automotive gas line anti-freeze is commonly available.


Heet (alcohol fuel),  $5,  is available from WalMart and automotive supply stores.

Esbit alcohol burner is $20.

Trangia alcohol is $15.


Homemade alcohol burner made from a soda can uses Heet for fuel.


Butane Stoves

An inexpensive butane stove can be safely used indoors.

Butane stoves begin at less than $20.

Butane fuel 80z canisters, $1 each in a 12 pack. Each canister is good for approximately 9 hours.


Multi Fuel Volcano

Volcano Outdoor Stove , $150, can be used with wood, propane or charcoal.


Wood Gas Stove

The Scout, $60, is a very small wood gas stove, suitable for backpacking or bugout.


The SilverFire Hunter stove.


The Silverfire Super Dragon stove.


Wood fired oven using a recycled toaster oven and a Silverlight Survivor rocket stove, $179.95.


Using the SilverLight Survivor with a Coleman camp oven for baking.



J. Faulk’s Wood Burning Trail Stove



Rocket Stoves

Use caution with wet blocks.  If left in the rain the absorbed water, when heated, can turn into steam and cause an explosion.


Coffee Can Stoves by rich991980, 1 of 2


Coffee Can Stoves by rich991980, 2 of 2


Two Can Stove from Lannyplans, 1 of 2


Two Can Stove from Lannyplans, 2 of 2


Rocket Stove Workshop by LondonPermaculture


The Two Buck Stove by Lanny Henson, 1 of 1


StoveTec wood/coal rocket stove, 32,900 BTU.



 Kelly Kettle

The Kelly Kettle.   Available in Aluminum or Stainless Steel  $90,  in several sizes.  The chimney is surrounded by a water jacket for heating water fast.  Using only naturally occurring fuels such as sticks, Pine cones, Birch bark, Heather etc. outdoor camp kettles boil water in just 3 – 5 minutes.  Also can be used for cooking.



Hobo Stoves

Hobo Stove

A 2 cent Hobo Stove



Portable Camp  Oven by Coleman, $30, folds flat and can be used with many cook stoves.


The lid , $25, is a flexible and fireproof accessory for Volcano stoves that can be used for baking or smoking.  When the lid is used with a Dutch oven, coals are not required on top of the cast iron pot lid as normally would be the case.

The Swedish Flame

Swedish Flame