For many, eggs may become a diet mainstay during an economic collapse.

Chicken Tractors

Chicken tractors (a moveable chicken house with an open bottom) provide chickens with safety from predators and provide an easy way to move chickens to greener pasture.




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Chicken Doors

We shut ourselves in at night and and we let ourselves out in the morning.

Custom Chicken House (with predator apron)

Roosters do not like me

One of my many battles with roosters:
Planning to check for eggs after returning from the store with plastic grocery bags in both hands, I entered the chicken yard. The rooster immediately attacked. Swinging grocery bags to defend myself, the rooster shredded the plastic with this spurs. The holes got larger with each attack, allowing the groceries to scatter all over the chicken yard. I am not sure who won that battle. It may have been a draw.

Spurs, speed and agility against an unarmed old man with grocery bags does not seem to be a fair fight but I did outweigh him.

In the end, after many battles, the rooster was taken on a camping trip where he could find all the fighting action he wanted from foxes, coyotes and hawks.

I decided to set him free. Being very cautions, I put him in a dog carrier for a ride in my car. At an appropriate distance from my farm, I opened the car door just far enough for the cage to pass. I did not want another fight with an unconfined rooster inside my car. With great risk, I opened the cage door then quickly secured the car door. As I drove off, there were loud clicks as the rooster attacked my car.

Preserving Eggs

5 Easy Ways to Preserve Your Fresh Eggs