Mom’s 1960 Chevy.  348 cu in, 250hp, 3 speed manual.
For it’s day, fast.


Lynda (sister)


Kim on cedar chest


Kim loved looking at pattern books with Mom


Jeanne Mauer (Mom)



Kim with Aunt Anne





Kim and Wendi loved their Uncle Ronnie!


Wendi and Kimberley


Lynda (sister) and her hippie glasses


Dad at Lake Anna



Ron at work, Teledyne Avionics



Grandpa George




Dad and I


PSI Symposium Charlottesville 1991, I was an invited speaker.

Topic: Connecting ETs, international banksters, conspiracies and the drug trade.
Standing room only.




My Swedish Post Card (Photo shopped, thanks Lynda)



Christmas at Gateway Farm
Ron, Tom, Molly and Lynda


Kim, Janet (first wife) and Lynda

Mom and Wendi



Kim, Ron and Wendi

Janet and Ron


Wendi and Kim










Lynda at her new house site


Lynda and Bob Humphries dousing for water





Lynda’s move to Free Union mishap


Tom, Lynda and Ron Jr at new house site in Free Union.

Lynda fishing in the Shenandoah River during a canoe trip


Mom and the apple of her eye Kimberley


Grandma Jeanne and Lynda in background. Wendi riding. Cutler lane house


Lynda’s first mermaid. Sweet Kimberley at the beach


Kimberley — It’s a happy Day


Kimberley looking peaceful and gorgeous




Kimberley and her baby doll



Lynda the Lottery Lady?


Lynda and Wendi


Kim, Ron and Wendi

Sam at Lynda’s Free Union house

Lynda’s dog Shampoo


Dad and Lynda


Virginia Beach and my Hobie 16

My pilgrimage to Virginia Beach in 1977.  Sold my house, quit my job and began a life changing and never ending journey to discover truth.




Alice, LaLa and Lynda


October Birthday Surprise