Grace Mauer Kiernan and Jeanne Prescott (Presigke) Mauer

Dan Kiernan (brother in law) and Jeanne Prescott MAUER

George Prescott, William Mauer, (Ronnie or Lynda?) and Jeanne Mauer

Ron, do you know what house this is?

Grace Mauer, ? ronnie? and William Michael Mauer


Learning the tricycle… Lynda

Ronnie, Jeanne and Lynda Mauer

Lynda, Age 3

Lynda, Age 4. What a glamorous coat

Lynda, Age 5

I liked the dress I am wearing. Is this my birthday?

Momma Jeanne in front of Bruce Avenue House, Merrick , NY

Not – Itty Bitty Polka Dot Bikini — Lynda on sidewalk in NY

Lynda proudly showing hamsters? in a pet show?

Lynda in what grade? OK, that tall girl has to go.

lynda, Mom in famous striped suit, and ron looking mischevious. Frys Springs Pool

Ron, Mom Jeanne and Lynda. What a big fort: St Augustine?

george, Lynda, Patches, Ronnie and Dad

Jeanne mauer… Where was this washer?

Is This Woogie? Aunt jean’s dog

Why are we taking a picture of Ron sleeping? check out the plane models

Lynda and Dad

Bruce Avenue house — I thought that dress was beautiful. And it still is

And we thought we JUST started dressing dogs up. patches was a good sport. check out the phone.

Patches are pet show with Lynda

Building Westwood road?

Lynda, Jeanne and Ron

Did Mom actually play chess? Or maybe a photo op!

Westwood Road about 1956 ?

Lynda and her Parakeet

Lynda Jeanne Mauer

that’s hot.

E.F. Cooley Sr and Pearl

It’s now obvious — it runs in the family. Mom is wearing a lampshade

Lynda, sixth from left in front row