Adventures of a Metaphysical Swing Dancer

Introduction – This story is the result of much curiosity, research and exploration of life’s most profound questions, including:
Who am I and why am I here?  How do I navigate this reality and support my goal to feel good?  What is life?  A metaphysical chess game? Boot camp for consciousness? Perhaps both.  Is there value in seeking answers? For me, a definite yes.


A Multi-dimensional Chess Game for Consciousness

Introduction –

I had a dream –  I found myself in the audience of a live play in a very large theater.  Moving to different locations in the audience, wanting to watch the play from more than one perspective, I suddenly realized that I was the audience, actor and playwright.

This story is tailored for those who are willing to research the big picture, beyond the barrier that mainstream thinking has established for us.  This story is not for everyone.  Experienced researchers may not find much new material here but connecting the dots can be fun.

We all need a good stable foundation to feel safe and secure.  No doubt this information will cause some to run away while waving their hands and screaming “No way!”  Yet others may be attracted to a most unusual ride.