How to Make a Camping Shower

How to Make an Outdoor Portable Camp Shower DIY Living in a Van

How To Make A Weed Sprayer Camping Shower

Camp shower, Northern Tool sprayer, 2.2 gpm 70psi


My experience in the cabin

How was I going to adapt to the new changes? The cabin did not have running water and I had no one assist with bathing and pour water. Very little electricity was available from the solar powered main house that I no longer owned. Necessity is truly the mother of invention. Another 100 gallon cattle watering tub was purchased and placed on the cabin porch to serve as a water reservoir. The toilet could be flushed with a bucket. Problem #1 solved. But how would I bathe? A propane fueled 6 gallon deep fry turkey cooker was purchased to serve as a hot water heater. The cooker took about 7 minutes to heat water to temperature suitable for a shower. The bucket of warm water was moved into the bathroom where a battery powered 12 volt Shurflo agricultural pump sent water from the bucket to a conventional kitchen sink dishwash sprayer. Problem #2 solved. Winter temperatures sometimes put a few inches of ice on the water reservoir, but usually I could break through.