What are we prepping for? Let your intuition be your guide. Some worst case scenarios:

  • Financial turbulence. Bank holiday.
  • EMP or CME.
    • No banking or credit cards.
    • No transportation in modern vehicles
    • Grocery stores closed
    • Civil unrest,
    • WW III (economic war is currently under way).
    • No jobs
  • Weather events
  • Earth changes
  • Fracking and ground water contamination. Wherever there is a pipeline, fracking for corporate profit may be only one well paid politician away.
  • Quarantines, Ebola, marshal law. How long will your current provisions last?
  • Wood may be the only plentiful fuel available for a while.
  • Schedule, duration and severity of future event are unknown.

Water retrieval, filtering and storage

Where to purchase dehydrated and freeze dried food

Container selection for commercially packed food:

  • Super pails,
  • #10 cans,
  • small Mylar bags from camping stores.

Container selection for food vacuum packed at home:

  • Mason jars,
  • P.E.T.E. Jars,
  • Mylar bags (requires special procedures)
  • No Foodsaver bags for long term storage

What commercially dehydrated and freeze dried foods are available in #10 cans:

  • complete meals,
  • vegetables (not lettuce)
  • fruit,
  • milk,
  • eggs,
  • cheese,
  • meat and more.

Home dehydrators:

  • $49 Snackmaster (Walmart),
  • $200 Excalibur.
  • Homemade solar dehydrator is needed if electricity becomes unavailable.

Frozen foods require no processing (blanching).  Chop if too large and put directly into the dehydrator.

Healthy foods are available from:

  • farmers market,
  • health food stores.

Meals in a jar- Chef Tess

Vacuum packing tools

  • Foodsaver Jar sealers
  • Pump-N-Seal
  • Ziplock

Shelf life of dehydrated and freeze dried foods can be 30 years or more depending on food item and temperature.

East Coast Preppers (10 miles S.E. of Charlottesville)

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  • Classes being planned (FREE).  Contact Bob Snow for details.