Get Home Bag

A Get Home Bag (GHB), carried in your vehicle, is designed to:

  • Get you home in case of an emergency that forces you to walk home.
  • Keep you comfortable if your vehicle is disabled and your plan is to stay put until help arrives during an extreme weather event.







Bug Out Bag

A Bug Out Bag (BOB) is a larger bag designed to:

  • Get you and family from home to a safer location during the first 72 hour of an emergency (civil unrest, bank closures, food riots, etc.)
  • Provide some of the supplies needed during an extended power outage.

If  a bug out to a safer location is expected:

  • have a carefully prepared plan and contingency plan known to all members of your immediate family,
  • be already packed,  have a bug out bag,
  • have a full tank of gas,
  • have provisions in place,
  • be first on the road.

A reminder:  Where is the bug out destination?  answer:  Where you have planned ahead and stashed your supplies.



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Maximum weight for a bug-out bag?