Electromagnetic pulses (EMP) can destroy semiconductors (i.e., computer chips, transistors, radios, cell phones, hard drives, etc.).  EMP can arrive naturally from the Sun or by a nuclear weapon.  If the EMP arrives from the sun, there may be a warning to quickly protect some electronic equipment.

The simplest solution is a galvanized trash can , $25, with a tight fitting lid.  Put a non-conductor (plastic pail, cardboard, etc.) inside the trash can. Put electronic equipment inside the plastic pail.





Here is another solution.


A metal trashcan, a pressure cooker or any metal cooking pot with a close fitting lid will offer some protection.  Experiment.  Put a cell phone in the metal container and place a call to it.  If the metal container blocks the call, prevents the phone from ringing, you have a way to protect sensitive electronics.