Communities, extended families, tribes, and other group associations may be required to comfortably and safely get through the changes ahead.  Once people recognize that major change is upon us and preparation for further change is needed, the door is open for sharing information.

Important topics:

Food Production

  • Small scale methods
  • 4 season or extended season techniques
  • Varieties suitable for this location
  • Composting

Food Preservation

  • Dehydration with and without electricity.
  • Canning
  • Root Cellars: big, small and hidden

Food Preparation

  • Experience cooking with long term storage food
  • Solar cooking
  • Minimum energy cooking

Alternative health care

  • When there is no doctor
  • When there is no dentist
  • Herbalist
  • Colloidal Silver
  • Sodium Chlorite (a.k.a. MMS)

Clothes washing without electricity

Communications, alerts and alarms without reliable grid supplied electric power.


  • How are decisions made and enforced if needed?
  • Who is invited in?
  • Who is invited out?
  • How to deal with dysfunctional behavior?
  • How to deal with those in need who bring little or no resources?

Composting toilets

  • Commercial
  • Homemade

Lighting without the electric grid

  • Small scale
  • Large scale


  • Portable or permanent?
  • Tiny or large?
  • Portable or Fixed?

Space heating a portable or tiny shelter

  • Small wood stoves
  • Propane supply may be disrupted.
  • Electricity may be interrupted.


  • Bicycles, manual, electric or fuel powered

Water (A most critical resource.  Plan for getting water when electricity is not available)

  • Available sources
  • Storage
  • Pumping
  • Filters (Berkey, Katadyn, etc.)
  • Purification methods

Wild Food

  • Foraging
  • Hunting (experience needed)

Preparation Planning

  • How basic am I willing to prepare for?
  • What manipulation can I expect from those who would control?

If things get too uncomfortable is there an easy way out?  Ref: Final Exit, Doing It With Betty.