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• Thursday, October 09th, 2008


This blog is part of my personal journey to support freedom, well being and joy for all who want it.  It began as a collection of notes to myself about topics I needed to learn about.   Always do your own research and let your own intuition be your guide.

Financial collapse has already begun.  Duration, depth and the recovery schedule are unknowns.  Changes are likely to alternate between slow and rapid.  Be flexible with belief structures and be prepared for change.  Better to be 6 months too early than 6 seconds too late.

Know that I am not an expert on any topic.  I am always learning from diverse sources and updating the blog.

Some links are provided to help find useful items.  I do not profit from links clicked and I have nothing for sale here.

Relax.  Stay calm.  Take action. – Bob Gaskin

It’s just a ride. – Bill Hicks

Prepping on a tiny budget (a quick read for those in a rush)

Downsizing Floor Space and Energy

  • Tiny Houses is a collection of videos, floorplans and blogs related to tiny houses.  Very popular.
  • Space Heating includes primary and secondary heating alternatives.  Redundant and simple systems are important.
  • Composting Toilets help save fresh water and provide useful fertilizer.  Give some thought about how useful this is if the water suply becomes intermittent or unavailable.
  • Clothes Washing without electricity.

Food and Water

Alternative Health Care

Links to other prepper sites:

One of my favorite information sources that, in parts, hint at why this blog may be important to everyone.

Project Avalon Forum – Chronicles of the human awakening