Precious Metals

During a time of food scarcity, precious metals are worth very little.  No one in their right mind would trade food for precious metals during those conditions.  The real value of precious metals will be *after* food becomes readily available, most likely after a new, yet publicly undefined, monetary system has replaced fiat currency.   Debt reduction, food, clean water, an energy efficient shelter,  land to grow food, self sufficient living skills and cooperative rural communities are far more important.

If there is any money left after debt reduction and implementation of your self sufficiency plan, it would be wise to purchase some gold and silver in the form of physical coins and hide them at home or outside your home but not all in one place.

Prior to hyperinflation and food riots, purchase:

  • Dehydrated and/or freeze dried food.
  • Garden seeds and sprouting seeds.
  • Wood stove and firewood.
  • Water filters and a manual well pump (if you have a well).  Water is critical.
  • Tools needed for gardening that do not require gasoline or diesel fuel.
  • Soap

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