Located 10 miles South East of Charlottesville, VA.


East Coast Preppers is designed to be a teaching facility as well as a location for the purchase of items for emergency preparedness.

It is centrally located in the middle of Virginia which makes it accessible to over one-half of the United States population.  There is no charge for the two hour highly educational tour when you visit our facility.  In this tour we instruct and demonstrate on how to fully prepare for any natural or man-made disaster.  Purchases are not required, and you are not obligated for any future purchases.  We truly enjoy teaching everyone about being prepared for any and all disasters.

If you do need to purchase items, East Coast Preppers has more variety of long term food items than any store on the East Coast.  We also carry many other items such as wheat grinders, storage containers and portable stoves (to name just a few).  Please note that we do less than 1% of our business on the internet.  Again, our desire is to teach and educate.  Once you are prepared with information and knowledge you can proceed with your own emergency or survival plan.