If cooking indoors, consider using Sterno or alcohol as fuel, not wood or charcoal.

Tiny Multi-Fuel Stoves

The Coghlans 9560 Emergency Stove , $7.  Can be fired with fuel tablets, an alcohol burner, Sterno and possibly twigs.



Coghlans Folding Stove,  $10, is intended to be used with canned fuel.  With precautions, with some canned fuel (read the label), it can be used indoors.



The QuickStove , $20, can be fired with fuel tablets, an alcohol burner, Sterno and twigs.



Firebox 5 inch

The Firebox Folding Stove 5″, $60 can be fired with fuel tablets, an alcohol burner, Sterno, charcoal and twigs.





Firebox Nano

Alcohol Burner

These alcohol burners can be used in the Multi-Fuel Stoves (above) and in other stoves.  Many types of alcohol can be used as fuel.  The product “Heet” in the yellow container is an automotive gas line anti-freeze is commonly available.


Heet (alcohol fuel),  $5,  is available from WalMart and automotive supply stores.

Esbit alcohol burner is $20.

Trangia alcohol is $15.


Homemade alcohol burner made from a soda can uses Heet for fuel.


Butane Stoves

An inexpensive butane stove can be safely used indoors.

Butane stoves begin at less than $20.

Butane fuel 80z canisters, $1 each in a 12 pack. Each canister is good for approximately 9 hours.



Multi Fuel Volcano

Volcano Outdoor Stove , $150, can be used with wood, propane or charcoal.






Wood Gas Stove

The Scout, $60, is a very small wood gas stove, suitable for backpacking or bugout.


The SilverFire Hunter stove.


The Silverfire Super Dragon stove.


Wood fired oven using a recycled toaster oven and a Silverlight Survivor rocket stove, $179.95.


Using the SilverLight Survivor with a Coleman camp oven for baking.



J. Faulk’s Wood Burning Trail Stove



Rocket Stoves


Coffee Can Stoves by rich991980, 1 of 2


Coffee Can Stoves by rich991980, 2 of 2


Two Can Stove from Lannyplans, 1 of 2


Two Can Stove from Lannyplans, 2 of 2


Rocket Stove Workshop by LondonPermaculture


The Two Buck Stove by Lanny Henson, 1 of 1


StoveTec wood/coal rocket stove, 32,900 BTU.



 Kelly Kettle

The Kelly Kettle.   Available in Aluminum or Stainless Steel  $90,  in several sizes.  The chimney is surrounded by a water jacket for heating water fast.  Using only naturally occurring fuels such as sticks, Pine cones, Birch bark, Heather etc. outdoor camp kettles boil water in just 3 – 5 minutes.  Also can be used for cooking.



Hobo Stoves

Hobo Stove

Hobo Stove

Hobo Stove

A 2 cent Hobo Stove

2 cent Hobo Stove

2 cent Hobo Stove



Portable Camp  Oven by Coleman, $30, folds flat and can be used with many cook stoves.


The lid , $25, is a flexible and fireproof accessory for Volcano stoves that can be used for baking or smoking.  When the lid is used with a Dutch oven, coals are not required on top of the cast iron pot lid as normally would be the case.

The Swedish Flame

Swedish Flame