Affirmations for anyone to use:

“I give thanks for knowing that I am an extension of Source energy,
on Prime Creator’s endless journey of creation and Self-discovery.”

“I give thanks for knowing that the energy that creates worlds flows through me.”

“I ask to use this energy with wisdom and with much love.”

“From the Lord God of my Being, I use this energy, the energy that creates worlds,
to restore my body to it’s naturally healthy, youthful configuration.  So be it.”

“I do not consent to manipulation.”

“I am sovereign. I choose love. Love is what I am.”

When falling asleep, repeat “I go home to Source.”

“I support freedom, well being, joy, love and truth for all who want it.”

“What prevents this world from evolving in a positive direction, is the degree to which the unawakened masses are so deeply afflicted by cognitive dissonance.”
Amora Steve Melchizadek


The reason that the manipulators and control freaks
must be so devious is because they do not want us to recognize
the power within us.



Appreciation and feeling good are the keys for creating what you want.

Thank you Universe for the new house. (2005)