A Visit to an LDS Cannery – Packaging in #10 cans

Package it yourself in #10 cans.


Storing Food in Buckets

Using a hair straightener to seal a Mylar bag.

Storing Food in Buckets

How To Seal A Mylar Bag by the Tennessee Hillbilly

This is a very creative method using a vacuum cleaner instead of a vacuum sealer and hand warmer instead of oxygen absorbers. The FoodSaver is great for removing oxygen from Mason jars and small bags, but the FoodSaver would require a very long time to remove oxygen from a bucket sized Mylar bag. With sufficient oxygen absorbers (or hand warmers) this may be the best solution for large bags in buckets. When food is stored in impervious Mylar bags non-food grade buckets can be used. The purpose of the bucket is simply physical protection from critters.