Wonder  Washer

The portable Wonder Wash is a lightweight, simple laundry machine that can clean 5-pound loads in just a few minutes. It is portable, requires no maintenance or electricity, and only costs around $48.

James Washer

With the (expensive) James Washer, simply let the clothes soak in hot soapy water, then just a few minutes of swishing the pendulum agitator back and forth does a normal load. Made of high-grade stainless steel with a galvanized lid and pine legs. Agitator swings on nylon bearings. Easy draining bottom faucet, 17 gallon capacity. USA. Two clamp-on wringer options are offered. The Deluxe Hand Wringer, pictured with washer (sold separately), features a rustproof all-steel frame, hard maple bearings that never need lubrication, and balanced one-screw pressure adjustment.

James Washer


Plunger Washer

Clothes Washing in Idaho