• Thursday, October 09th, 2008

Prepping on a tiny budget (a quick read for those in a rush)

This blog is about simple, local solutions to some of the problems we may face as the economic collapse continues.

Some links are provided to help find useful items.  I do not profit from links clicked and I have nothing for sale here.

Downsizing Floor Space and Energy

  • Tiny Houses is a collection of videos, floorplans and blogs related to tiny houses.  Very popular.
  • Space Heating includes primary and secondary heating alternatives.  Redundant and simple systems are important.
  • Composting Toilets help save fresh water and provide useful fertilizer.  Give some thought about how useful this is if the water suply becomes intermittent or unavailable.
  • Clothes Washing without electricity.

Food and Water

Alternative Health Care

Links to other prepper sites:




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