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Here is my toast for the next time we get together: “To freedom, well being, joy, love and truth.

Ron Mauer SR, M.S.U.

Fuzzy and Bubba

Bruno and Frodo

Ideas For Self Reliant Living During Financially Turbulent Times


Jim Sinclair

USA Watchdog



Substation Outage

VA 511 Web

We Transfer

Virginia Weather Radar

Craigslist Charlottesville

Amateur Radio Repeaters

National Hurricane Center

Picture Albums

Mauer Album1913-1941

Madison Album 1977(-)

Solar Duplex Album

to Self

Mauer Album1942-1959

Steinberg Album

Gateway Farm

Motorcycle Album A

Mauer Album1960+

Gateway Farm

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Bubba and Fuzzy

Gateway Farm
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Motorcycle Album C


Bruno and Frodo

Gateway Farm
Family and Friends

VMFA-531, 1963
During the Cuban Missile Crisis

Gateway Farm
Sassy Lilac

Sky diving
SCUBA diving
(no pictures)

Dancing Links

Charlottesville Swing Dance Society

Stacy’s Jam

Rocktown Rocks Charlottesville

Blue Light Ballroom

Smooth Sailing Ballroom Charlottesville

USA Dance


Search Ho’oponopono for healing relationships

Youtube Videos

Visualization for Planetary Cleansing

Great Ideas To Fix the System

The Healer is You

Youtube Videos

A Commercial Worth Watching

October Surprise Birthday Party 2014

The Most Profound

Dogs Sing

Self Reliance and Prepping

Ideas for Self Reliant Living During Financially Turbulent Times

Rawles Survival Blog

Simply Solar

Water Filters, Purifiers,
Pasteurization and Distilation

If without clean water for more than 3 days then nothing else will be needed.

Downsizing Shelter


East Coast Food Storage
Troy, VA

Gardening Methods for a Small Space

Food – Dehydrating with Tammy

Shelter – On the Road

If the water supply becomes intermittent and you have food:

A composting toilet is needed.

Food – Vacuum Packing
at Home

Food – Emergency Cook Stoves

Recommended Researchers of ETs and the Secret Space Program

Richard Dolan

Bill Ryan

Jim Marrs

Linda Howe

George Knapp

Timothy Good

Joseph P. Farrell

Paul Hellyer

Catherine Austin Fitts


ET 101

SNL Close Encounter

Amateur Radio


Find an IRLP node

Find an Echolink node

Practice Exam

Zip code by city, state

Earth Tools

PSK-31 Reception Report

Books by
Ron Mauer

Adventures of a Metaphysical Swing Dancer (pdf)

A Multi-dimensional Chess Game For Consciousness (pdf)

Readings by
Carol Clarke

2013 July, Reading #1

2015 March, Reading #2

Questions #3

2016 Sept, Reading #3

Questions #4

2017 March, Reading #4

Questions #5
2017 June, Reading #5
Transcript #5

Reading #6 (Part 1 of 3)
2017 July
Questions #6

Recording (1 of 3)
Transcript (Part 1 of 3)

Reading #6 (Part 2 of 3)
2017 July

Recording (2 of 3)
Transcript (2 of 3)

Reading #6 (Part 3 of 3)
2017 Aug

Recording (3 of 3)
Transcript (3 of 3)

My Squadron 1962-1963

My Squadron 1977

Ron Sr and Ron Jr


Flight Engineer, Ron Jr

Aunt Jean